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Christian Palmieri Drum Lessons in Utrecht

Drum Lessons - Utrecht

Hello! I'm Christian Palmieri. I have been crazy about drums all my life, so I became a drummer and certified drum teacher. I have been giving drum lessons in Utrecht for years. Drums and percussion are not just my expertise; it is my deep passion, and I would like to share that with you.

Drum Studio in Utrecht West

I give lessons in my fully equipped studio, conveniently located near the Utrecht Zuilen train station. Here you enter a musical wonderland with first-class, professional drum kits, percussion instruments, congas, cajon, bongos, PA systems, a piano and much more. Everything you need to start a rhythmic journey!

Children and percussion

Most children find it very interesting to try different types of percussion. If your child is full of energy, about 8 years old and banging on pots and pans at home, drum lessons can be a great creative outlet!

Beginner Drum Lessons

Have you never played the drums before and would you like to try it? Super! In your very first lesson you will immediately sit behind a professional drum kit and experience how great it is to play your own drum fills and basic grooves. If you have mastered the basic skills well, you can play hundreds of well-known songs within just a few lessons! So let's go!

Advanced Drummers

We delve deep into refining your technique and exploring complicated rhythms, fills, rudiments and solos. Very important: smooth movement and good balance contribute to speed, dynamics, coordination and a beautiful sound!

Get Inspired!

Listening, analysing and replaying your favourite drummers is a great and inspiring way to take your playing to the next level. I help you with tips and tricks from my years of practice as a drummer for various bands.

My Inspiration?

Among many other great drummers Roy Haynes, Philly Joe Jones, Mike Clark, John Bohnam, Dave Grohl, Elvin Jones, Chad Smith and Steve Gadd influenced my playing style.

Your Style, Your Music!

Your drumming should revolve around the music you love. Whether it concerns heavy rock beats, pop and funk grooves, virtuoso metal, complex 'soulful' jazz or the diverse and exotic sounds of World Music, your preference determines what you will learn. Don't have a favourite music style yet? Don't worry, I'll inspire you to explore diverse music styles. Funk, jazz, rock, pop, metal and more!

Play smart, play healthy

Drumming is a top sport that requires finesse and precision. We'll focus on a relaxed and good posture with the aim of a smooth and relaxed technique. Drumming is going to feel effortless and be super fun!


Practicing slowly, mastering movements and combinations is an extremely cool and rewarding challenge. If you can play the movements relaxed and automatically, it will become ingrained in your body, you can experiment with them and get them up to speed.

Creative and efficient

I will encourage you to explore your creativity by creating your own grooves, drum fills, arrangements and solos. You will receive practical instructions that will help you practise purposefully and efficiently.

Play along with Tracks

Playing along with music, or even more fun in a band, gives you the feeling that you are really doing the thing! You experience what you are doing and whether it fits in with the whole. That is why we include sufficient opportunities to play along during the lessons. Using CDs, play-along tracks on your smartphone, Spotify and YouTube. Based on the songs, I will provide specific practical instructions and exercises, so that you can immediately play along with the music.

Music Theory - Insights - Structures

To be able to groove and improvise freely, insight into the background of your music, typical characteristics and a good understanding of music theory is essential. You have to feel at home in the songs and understand the structure. You develop this by playing along with well-known songs. We analyse structure, complex rhythms and also melody and chords.

Online Drum Lessons

In today's digital age, we can connect from anywhere and play drums together. Wherever you are, you can contact me for structured, tailor-made online drum sessions. The beat goes on! Even in the online world!

Looking for a drum set?

Are you excited to get started but don't have a drum kit yet? I can guide you in finding a fantastic and reasonably priced acoustic or electronic drum kit.

A little about me

I am half Paraguayan and half Dutch, with many years of experience in drumming. I studied at the Utrecht Conservatory (Bachelor of Jazz & Pop and Master of Music). Playing music and teaching drums are the two greatest passions in my life. I am extremely proud of the opportunity to perform at prestigious locations such as Tivoli Vredenburg, Bimhuis, Paradox, Grachten Festival, Park Pop and many others. Music has also taken me to different countries where I was able to share my art. I have played in Paraguay, Brazil, Netherlands, Belgium, England, Spain, Germany, France, India, Slovakia and Vietnam.

Rhythm is movement, joy, passion... Rhythm is life! - Christian Palmieri

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Follow Your Passion!

Music lifts you up, enlightens your mood and gives positive energy. Our music lessons cater to all styles, levels and ages and are entirely focussed around helping you achieve your musical goals in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. Be nice to yourself, book your trial lesson today!

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