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Why Music Lessons?

Music lightens your mood, cheers you up, gets you moving and gives you positive energy! Making music is one of the most motivating and healthy activities in life! The repertoire for tabla which you find the most personal to you is where we will focus our attention. For this, constructive feedback, personalised exercises, tips and inspiration from a dedicated professional tabla teacher are best choice!

Choose your Tabla Teacher

Through Vivaldi Music Lessons you found professional musicians who, in addition to giving concerts, have a passion for teaching. Check out the page of the music teacher you want to know more about. Get in direct contact with a teacher in your area to book a trial lesson.

  • Tabla Lessons for children, teenagers, adults - all levels
  • Flexibility with Lesson Packs of  5 or 10 x 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons
  • Free trial lesson with the purchase of a Lesson Pack (normally 25,-)
  • Private tabla lessons at the teacher's place or at your home
  • In person or online lessons
  • Cosy and positive atmosphere in your lessons
  • Classical Music, Jazz, World Music, Baroque Music, Pop, Rock, Blues, Latin, Salsa, Klezmer, Folk, Funk, Country, Songwriter and much more.

Trial Tabla Lesson

The trial lesson is the perfect situation to discuss the frequency of the lessons, the location, the music styles you like most or other styles you may wish to explore and to get to know your future tabla teacher. Book your first lesson pack and receive a free trial lesson. (Normal price EU 25,- )

Lesson Packs

Lesson time, payment of the lessons and location are arranged individually between you and your tabla teacher. Packs of 5 or 10 tabla lessons of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes.

Lesson Locations

The Tabla Lessons will take place at the teacher's place or studio or in the comfort of your own home.

Online Tabla Lessons

If you wish to follow online lessons, you can contact the tabla teacher of your choice directly and discuss the possibilities.

Classical to Pop and More!

If music is your passion and classical, baroque, jazz, pop, latin, world music or any other kind of music is where you find the most inspiration, you're welcome to sign up for a trial tabla lesson. Check here how students experience their lessons!


The tabla is one of the most popular instruments in use in India, and the Indian Subcontinent. The numerous sounds and richness the instrument offers, makes it compatible in a wide range of music styles, such as Hindustani Classical, Bollywood, Folk and later even Pop and Jazz. Having said that, the tabla has been explored in great detail in the North Indian Classical music tradition, with masters from the past 500 years contributing to its compositional repertoire, rich sound production and playing techniques.


Tabla playing in North Indian Classical music has evolved as a strong tradition in the past 500 years in India. In this evolution, the tradition has seen it self branch out into 6 main schools of tabla playing. In the North Indian Classical Arts, these schools are known as Gharanas. North Indian Classical arts have different gharanas for Voice, Dance, Instrumental Playing ( Sitar, Bansuri etc.) and also tabla. The 6 schools of tabla playing are - Delhi, Farrukhabad, Punjab, Lucknow, Benaras and Ajrada.

Picking up the Tabla

  • Learning to play Hindustani Classical Music on the tabla.
  • Learning the techniques, sound production and the solo repertoire of the tabla.
  • Learning Indian Rhythms, to improve your sense of rhythm and rhythmic creativity.
  • Diving into the spiritual and philosophical side of music

Follow Your Passion!

Music lifts you up, enlightens your mood and gives positive energy. Our music lessons cater to all styles, levels and ages and are entirely focussed around helping you achieve your musical goals in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. Be nice to yourself, book your trial lesson today!

Your future, full of music, passion and joy begins now! Just take the first step!