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Sara Tompkins Singing Lessons in Amsterdam

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Hi, I'm Sara Tompkins, I'm an experienced and enthusiastic singing teacher, located in Amsterdam. My private singing lessons offer uniquely tailored experiences for beginner, intermediate, and advanced vocalists.

Time to Sing!

Are you a complete beginner or already an established singer? Do you have the desire to express yourself through song, but don’t know how to use your voice in a healthy manner?

Mind and Heart

Along with using both the mind and the heart, in my lessons we will practice different vocal techniques. We will work on posture, breathing, resonance, pitch, volume, range and articulation. Most importantly, we will work on strengthening your authentic voice and bringing a better awareness to your instrument (the body)!


Want to sing pop, jazz, folk, improvisation and more? With me, you may choose songs that you love, and songs that you truly want to sing! Sign up for a trial lesson!

Movement and Dance

Many different parts of the body come together to produce sound as a singer. This means that your voice is not separate from you, it is you! Embrace the body as your instrument through movement and dance.


Tell your story, feel your vulnerability, push your boundaries, and get out of your comfort zone! If you want to express yourself through song writing, theatre, and body language, then join me in my one-on-one singing lessons.

Singing With Microphone

An added bonus of taking lessons with me is that I can teach you microphone techniques. I have been performing on stage for over 15 years, and I can help answer any questions you might have about microphone technique and the amplification of the voice.

Write Your Own Lyrics

After years of coaching international artists through my English lyric coaching sessions, I can help coach you in English lyric writing. This means helping you with English grammar, diction, and choosing words to better describe the story in which you want to tell.

Personal Development

Did you know that singing can help you in your everyday life? If you want to build confidence, learn to take space, feel and express emotions in a safe space, step out of your comfort zone, and stand with presence in a room, then my singing lessons can help you achieve this!

A Healthy Voice

Sleep deprivation, stress, sickness, and hormonal changes affect how we produce sound. Not only that, but fluctuations in life affect the health of our vocal box over time. I can teach you how to use your voice in a healthy manner in order to keep your voice happy and healthy for many years to come.

About Me

At Utrecht's Conservatorium, I had the privilege of receiving vocal lessons from Annemarie Maas and artistic development guidance from Erik Rutjes. Currently, I am nearing the completion of my final courses at the conservatory. My innate ability to captivate listeners through heartfelt storytelling has granted me opportunities to perform at venues alongside renowned musicians like Melqui at Paradiso, collaborate in recording studios with Catch the Sparrow, and grace the stage at the Nationale Opera en Ballet in 'Verbena'. Additionally, I have used my conservatory training in voice acting for innovative companies such as Zerophobia (VU University).

Beyond my performances, I have successfully organized numerous music events, including Folks Night at Volkshotel in Amsterdam and Fuse Factory at 't Oude Pothuys in Utrecht. Presently, I am co-producing Doek Festival #20, Art of the Outskirts. As a teacher, I have been praised by my students for my attentive nature. I place great importance on understanding their unique voices and individual needs, and I am dedicated to identifying and addressing any obstacles that may impede their fullest vocal potential. In my lessons, I cultivate a productive, professional, and focused environment, while also providing the nurturing, warmth, and security necessary for each student to unleash their true voice.

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I feel more secure !

Sara has been my singing teacher for over one year. With her, I learned how to work the voice and the body as a whole. ...There are always new things to learn and discover in each lesson!!! I feel more secure and confident in my voice and I feel that my vocal ability improves with each passing lesson.
Joana, Amsterdam

Sara shines as a vocal teacher!

Sara shines as a vocal teacher because of her amazing ability to combine professionalism with being genuine and personal. Her conservatory background clearly shows in her singing skills, while she is also very warm and attentive in her teaching approach. She will make sure that her students feel relaxed, comfortable, and respected, for example by starting lessons with breathing exercises. Another great thing about Sara's lessons is that she focuses on the intrinsic motivation of her students. Instead of simply instructing, she will start by asking what you would like to get out of the lessons, or which song you would love to sing. Having said this, her approach to teaching is very professional, with background theories being clearly explained up to the anatomical level, and practicing useful exercises for training purposes. I am very grateful that Sara's teaching has quickly led to some amazing progress, and I am happy that I can remain her student for a while longer.
Mike, Amsterdam

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