Drummen leer je bij Jean-Clair de Ruwe drumstudio in Den Haag - Vlakbij Stations CS en  HS - Gratis proefles voor jong en oud!

Jean-Clair de Ruwe Drum Lessons in Den Haag

Drum Lessons The Hague

Hi, my name is Jean-Clair and my biggest passion is playing and teaching drums. Beginner or advanced, I am looking forward to work with you! I’m a qualified and enthusiastic drum teacher and passionate to share my expertise with you!

Beginning drummer?

From lesson one on you will be playing a full set of drums and believe me; on the first lesson I’ll make sure you’ll learn a groovy drumbeat before you go home! Children and adults welcome!

Drumniverse studio

Where? My private studio is located in the center of The Hague, nearby Den Haag CS and Den Haag HS. You can park your car right in front of my studio!

Online Drum Lessons

I also offer fun, comprehensive and well structured online drum lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Book a trial lesson and buy & try the 3 lesson Starter's Package!

Relaxed Technique

Drumming is a work out and you'll learn a relaxed posture and souple technique.

  • stick control
  • rudiments
  • brushes
  • grooves en beats
  • hand foot
  • coordination
  • comping
  • drum notation
  • time keeping
  • drum styles
  • Play along
  • Spotify tracks

Raise the Bar

Develop a deep understanding of various feels, beats and rhythms. Play funky stuff and  complexe rhyhms. Being an active player in the jazz and pop scene myself, I will help you to move your boundaries to become a good drummer without losing the ‘fun factor’. We focus on analysis on vocabulary of the great masters of Jazz drumming. Personalised exercises and tips and tricks! Book a trial lesson!


If you are a busy person flexibility is very important. That’s why you can book a 10 lesson ride. So we can look at your schedule what works out best.

Looking for a Drum Set?

You don't have a drum kit yet and need advice? No problem! I will help you find a decent set of drums of good quality and for a reasonable price. Send me an email for info!

About Jean-Clair

Drummer Jean-Clair de Ruwe (IJsselstein 1982) took his first drum lessons when he was 10 years old and played in a local marching band. In his early teens he began to practise seriously and he played in several orchestras.
In 1998 Jean-Clair was 16 years old and was admitted to the "young talent class" at the Utrecht conservatory of which Jean-Clair graduated cum laude in 2004. 
In the following years Jean-Clair felt he wasn't ready for the real deal. Also, life took some different paths. During those years gained more experience in different musical settings, and studied a lot at home. In 2011 Jean-Clair saved some money and made his first trip to the Big Apple to get some lessons. Jean-Clair also had his first gig in New York at that time. 
In 2016 his determination and talent were rewarded when he received a grant from the Mignon foundation. This enabled him to go back to New York to study with masters Rodney Green and Kenny Washington.
Jean-Clair shared the stage with: Roy Hargrove, Joe Cohn, Charles McPherson, John Marshall, Howard Alden, Philip Harper, (USA) Bert Joris (BE) Ack van Rooyen, Ferdinand Povel, Benjamin Herman, Frits Landesbergen, Bart van Lier, Martijn van Iterson, Rob van Bavel, Bert van de Brink, Ronald Douglas, Denise Jannah,
Big Band experience: Millenium Jazz Orchestra, Jazz Art Orchestra,  JWF Johan Willem Friso Kapel  JWF (Army orchestra)
Jean-Clair is  currently working as a freelance drummer and is a member groups lead by trumpeter Gidon Nunes Vaz. As an educator he works at the Utrecht Centre of the Arts and privately at his own studio in the Hague. More info, see DRUMNIVERSE.

Be a leader, not a follower! - Gregory Hutchinson

Located in

  • Den Haag

Lesson location

  • Online
  • Den Haag centrum
  • At teachers location


  • Children
  • Adults


  • English
  • Dutch

Great Drum Teacher!

I started taking lessons with Jean-Clair in February of 2020. I feel like he has helped me improve my skills and knowledge of the drums greatly. Jean-Clair has helped me not only play and learn new songs, but he has spotted specific things in my technique. He has pointed this out when we are practicing and I enjoy the lessons where we spend a lot of time improving my techniques. I am becoming much more confident as a drummer and I have seen a clear improvement in my skill these last few months. I strongly recommend his lessons.

I highly recommend!

I was looking for a drum teacher for my 10-year-old son.  He is very shy and has fine sensibilities but when he first took Jean-Clair's lesson, he instantly felt very comfortable.  Jean-Clair is very nice, patient and flexible.  Also, he is really good at teaching from the basics with enjoyable ways so that my son doesn't get bored or pressured.  I am also very grateful that he always cares what's best for my son.  I can highly recommend Jean-Clair to those of you who are looking for a drum teacher!

Vakman op de drums!

Jean Clair is een echte vakman op de drums. Met recht een fantastische muzikant te noemen!!!!
Gijs Kasius - Hoofd 'Ludwig Rhythm Factory'

Echt leren drummen!

Jean-Clair leert je écht drummen. Niet zomaar een half uurtje wat slaan, maar langere lessen waarin hij alle tijd neemt om je te leren hoe je alles uit je stokken kunt halen en ook hoe je dat zelf steeds meer kunt gaan horen. Je leert de oefeningen en ritmes op een heel degelijke manier, maar er is ook altijd ruimte om je favoriete nummers of verschillende muziekgenres (rock, blues, reggae, jazz) te leren spelen én waarderen :-) Ik heb in drummen niet alleen een geweldige rust en hobby gevonden, maar ik blijf me dankzij Jean-Clair ook ontwikkelen en ik leer iedere keer weer meer met veel plezier.

Natuurlijk drummen!

Jean-Clair kan je op een natuurlijke manier net dat stapje extra laten zetten om verder te komen met drummen. In zijn lessen wordt drumtechniek afgewisseld met nummers meespelen. Jean-Clair kent geschikte nummers voor mijn niveau en speelt gemakkelijk mee met zelf aangedragen nummers. Het (drum-)notenschrift leer je gaandeweg zodat je een lesboek kunt lezen. Jean-Clair weet zijn enthousiasme voor het drummen goed op mij over te brengen.
Peter Bijker

I Love My Drum Lessons

I just love my extended drum lessons. In a single lesson I can now work on technique and ask questions about songs I play in my band.
Carine Suurmeijer

Moving Forward!

Jean-Clair motivates me to keep moving forward to improve my drum skills. In his lessons, we work on developing technical skills and playing along with my favorite songs. We also work on reading music notation. I really like his enthusiasm.
Peter Bijker

Gave bijspijkercursus!!

Na 20 jaar spelen en les geven als popdrummer vond ik het eens tijd voor een bijspijkercursus. Gaaf om les te krijgen van een collega die met twee benen midden in de jazzscene staat en zelf ook een paar keer per week staat op te treden. Dat is te merken, omdat zelfs theoretische techniekoefeningen een leuke muzikale context krijgen. Ik heb me altijd een tikkeltje onbeholpen gevoeld om zomaar, zonder drumstel, op een stoel tegenover een cymbal te gaan zitten. Dat rockt toch voor geen meter? Maar zelfs dat begin ik nu dus leuk te vinden. Ik weet nog niet of mijn rock & roll vrienden dat ook een goeie ontwikkeling vinden, maar het blijkt overal goed voor te zijn. Dit soort dingen kun je alleen leren van iemand die weet waar hij het over heeft.
Jorrit den Broeder

Private Music Teachers

Music moves and enriches the soul! Enjoy face to face music and singing lessons in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer also online music and singing lessons. Making music is about feelings, thoughts, connection, growth, joy, developing technical and physical skills, discovering new ways of learning and expressing yourself. Regular prices and maximum flexibility with a 10 Lesson Package. Book a trial lesson!

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