Singing Lessons in Amsterdam Bos en Lommer

Private Singing Lessons in Amsterdam Bos en Lommer Area

Welcome! You have found a professional and enthusiastic singing teacher in the Amsterdam Bos en Lommer area! The best way to find out if there is a singing teacher that matches your criteria is to get in touch and schedule a fun and inspiring trial lesson!

Singing Lessons for beginners and advanced in Amsterdam Bos en Lommer

Whether you are just starting with singing lessons, or you are experienced and want to become a better musician, your attitude is important to your teacher, but your level doesn't matter!

Trial Singing Lesson Lesson in Amsterdam Bos en Lommer

The price of a trial lesson is 25 euro. The trial lesson lasts 30 minutes. Get a FREE trial lesson when you buy a 5 or 10 Lesson Pack.

    4 Reasons to sign up for a trial Singing Lesson

    • The trial lesson allows you meet the teacher in person
    • to learn more about the teacher's teaching style,
    • where the singing lessons take place,
    • which Lesson Pack would be best for you

    Lesson Locations

    Vivaldi Music Lessons is a platform for private music teachers. Most teachers give the music lessons at their private home or studio in or near Amsterdam Bos en Lommer.

    Singing Lessons at your Home Amsterdam Bos en Lommer

    We also offer motivating singing lessons at your home for children, teenagers and adults.

    Music Theory

    Would you like to know more about why Music Theory is fun and important if you follow singing lessons? Contact a teacher for private music lessons and music theory lessons at your home in Amsterdam Bos en Lommer

    Music Lesson Packs

    Lesson packs of 5 or 10 fantastic one-on-one singing lessons near you. Some teachers offer the lessons in packs of 4. Always check your teacher's profile.

    Online Singing Lessons

    Most Vivaldi Music Lessons music teachers also offer instructive and interactive online music lessons for all levels.

    All Music Styles

    Enjoy Classical music, Baroque music, Jazz, Pop, Funk, Folk, Spanish, Turkish, Hindustani Percussion, Bansuri, Metal, Klezmer, Blues, Maqam, Songwriter, World Music and more!

    Why private Lessons really work

    • When you take private singing lessons, you'll receive your teacher's undivided attention
    • You'll be able to progress at a pace that is just right for your needs
    • Your singing teacher will be able to hear the nuances in your singing or playing
    • Your teacher can take the time to adjust small things, like your posture, intonation, articulation, volume or phrasing
    • You schedule the lessons directly with your teacher
    • You pay directly to your teacher
    • You will always enjoy fun, encouraging and engaging singing lessons that produce excellent results

    Music Lessons Gift Card

    Surprise a dear friend, relative or colleague with a Music Lessons Gift Card of 3 in person singing lessons. A precious and personal gift!

    Early Childhood Music Lessons

    It has been shown that children do better at school if they do or have done music. The earlier children start learning and playing music, the more receptive to a wider range of learning styles they become. They learn to concentrate and develop a more independent and creative way of learning. We offer music appreciation classes to children too young to start singing or who are getting interested in instrumental classes but would like an introduction into music. (4-8 years)

    Don't forget to check out the singing teachers near Amsterdam Bos en Lommer!

    Singing Lesson in Amsterdam Bos en Lommer

    Looking for a fun and professional singing teacher in the Amsterdam Bos en Lommer area? Enjoy educative & fun music lessons from beginner to advanced level. Private singing lesson for all ages! A 10 lesson card for flexibility and conveniance. Select your singing teacher and sign up for a trial lesson!