Riccardo Casamichiela - Maybe you've played the piano for some time and wish to make a switch to the Harpsichord?

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Hello! My name is Riccardo Casamichiela. I'm specialised in baroque music and a passionate musician and music teacher in Amsterdam. My harpsichord lessons offer a relaxed, serious and productive environment that allows you to focus, learn, to reach your musical goals and have fun!

Switch from Piano to Harpsichord

Maybe you've played the piano for some time and wish to make a switch to the Harpsichord? Discover the differences! Articulation, legato playing, staccato, dynamics, it is all a different approach because it is not a piano! Due to its long history, the harpsichord gives you the opportunity to explore a wide and incredibly divers repertoire. You'll love it!

Location - Lessons at your home in Amsterdam

I give the lessons at my home in Amsterdam West, but I also can come to you in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Diemen, Zaandam area.

Beginner Harpsichord Lessons

When you are new to music, the lessons will offer an introduction to the harpsichord with some music history, cultural context and basic music theory, applied to the instrument. You'll learn the main techniques and reading sheet music with easy but nice pieces and exercises from many countries and in various styles.

Learn to tune your own Harpsichord

Both as a soloist, as well as a continuo player you need to know about how to tune your instrument. Werckmeister, Valotti, meantone temperament, well tempered. A lot to learn and to enjoy!

Intermediate - Advanced

Playing the harpsichord nowadays does not mean to recreate the past, but instead it means bringing the past to the future, in order to give a new and profound meaning to music where the harpsichord plays and significant role. From vocal music and dances of 16th century, to the glorious music of composers such as Couperin, Scarlatti, Gottlieb Muffat, Bach, Mozart and Haydn!

The Art of Accompaniment

Since the harpsichord is the center of the bass group in a baroque ensemble, you will become acquainted with the practice of basso continuo, the art of accompaniment It is my goal to transfer the necessary knowledge, passion and dedication that ensures that 'old' music comes to life and touches you when you play or listen yourself!

Basso Continuo

The basso continuo lessons are based on a practical view of the most important treatise and sources we have, to understand the art of playing rich, stylish, effective and elegant accompaniments for singers and instrumentalists.

Improvisation - Counter Point and Music Theory

In order to be able to read complex scores, figured bass and to improvise, a thorough knowledge of harmony, melody and ornaments, as used in practice in different cultural periods, is necessary. It seems trickier than it is, but it's super fun once you get into it!

About me

I was born in Ragusa in 1997. I began studying music at the "G. Verga" music high school in Modica at the age of 14 where he studied piano and cello. After obtaining my diploma, I moved to Milan to study harpsichord and basso continuo at the "G. Verdi" conservatory under the guidance of Giorgio Cerasoli and Anna Fontana. During the same period I studied composition under the guidance of Carlo Ballarini. I graduated in both disciplines in 2020 with highest honors.

In September 2020 I moved to Amsterdam, to continue my studies harpsichord and basso continuo with Menno van Delft and Kris Verhelst at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. I obtained my master's degree in May 2022. I participated in master classes conducted by Olivier Baumont, Salvatore Carchiolo, Giulio Prandi. I performed as a continuo player in Italy, France, Germany, Holland, playing in important concert halls such as: Tivoli Vredenburg Grote Zaal Utrecht; Muziekgebouw Amsterdam; Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden; Liederhalle Stuttgart; Royamount Foundation Paris. I collaborated with ensemble Cantoria, Coro e Orchestra Ghislieri, Il Gusto Barocco Stuttgart. I am member of two new early music ensembles: Pont Baroque, [H]eros ensemble

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Great Harpsichord Teacher!

Riccardo is a great and passionate teacher! He provided very clear and practical guidance and I very much enjoyed my lesson. 10/10 recommend!

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