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Online Violin Lessons

Hi! I'm Mara Tieles Cutie all-round violinist, violin and viola teacher. I come from a family that has an extensive history of performing classical music, receiving at the age of 7 my first violin lesson from my dad. With over 15 years of experience, teaching the violin and viola has always been one of my great interests!

Complete Experience

The rapid changes we are experiencing nowadays have led me to a shift in my approach to the platform where I do my teaching. At first I must say I was a bit hesitant to move into the digital world, but I decided to start teaching online, and soon realised it was a very fulfilling and complete experience for both the student and myself as a teacher.

Online Lessons - Get ready!

During the last months I've created an online class, teaching mainly young students, adults, amateurs and professionals that are motivated and who are looking to develop specific aspects of their playing. All in the comfort of your own home.

What you need

The only things you need are a stable wifi connection, an iPad or computer (which you can choose to connect to a pair of speakers or ear phones) and the zoom software.

Teaching Method

From the very first lesson you'll be encouraged to make music and develop your own musical ideas. My teaching method  focuses on the technical aspects of working with the instrument. You will  learn pieces of gradual difficulty along with some necessary music theory, always applied to the instrument.

First Lessons

Beginners learn to read notes and a relaxed and healthy posture. You'll be playing fun exercises, tunes, playful and challenging etudes and easy concertpieces. During classes we also discuss basic philosophical and historical concepts to build a solid base from where we will develop your musical creativity

Music Styles - Advanced

Being an all-round instrumentalist myself, I'm familiar with a wide range of musical genres. I can help you develop your musical vocabulary in any style with techniques specific to a modern player approach. Repertoire may cover Classical - Baroque  - Cuban - Tango  - Modern music. Set your own limits, and discover... there is none!

Free Your Sound!

Essential is the production of sound through organic contact and movements with the instrument, respecting the needs of our body. It is very important to work from an understanding of how body and instrument mechanics work together.  Special attention to posture that supports musical discourse, while freeing us from tension.

Flexible Lesson Plan

Enjoy maximum flexibility with a 10 lesson card. The one on one lessons can be given in the comfort of your own home with my online lessons.

About Mara

Mara Tieles Cutie was born in Cuba but currently resides in the Netherlands. She began to play the violin under the tutelage of her father (a pupil of David Oistrach) at the age of seven. Later obtaining her bachelor's degree at the Liceu Conservatory under violinist Corrado Bolsi. She eventually studied at CODARTS Conservatory in Rotterdam with Gordan Nikolic and then earned her Masters degree at the Maastricht Conservatory under the supervision of Julia Dinerstein.

Multi Talent

Both her Cuban heritage and her formal education have influenced the direction of her professional career. She is multifaceted in her musical abilities: She plays both early and modern music. Additionally, Mara often performs music in ways that push the traditional technical boundaries of the viola, including extended techniques and the inclusion of electronics.

Music Styles

Mara's varied interests have compelled her to expand her ambitions as she has explored the ways in which classical music can be incorporated into electronic music. Her compositions integrate existing works from the contemporary canon with live electronics (beats, samples, and synths), creating a distinct sound. She has toured internationally (across Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East) and collaborated with a broad spectrum of artists. 


Despite spending much of her time touring, playing, and teaching in various destinations, Mara still thinks often about how she can stay connected to her homeland. One of her current projects is to help expand contemporary Cuban music written specifically for the viola. She has worked with composers Alfredo Diez Nieto and Ivette Herryman, both of whom have written works that fit into this category.During her time as a performer, she has won several accolades such as the First Absolute Prize of Citta di Barletta, the First Prize in the Rome Strings International Contest, and the Third Prize in the Ibero-American String Contest

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A Great Inspiration!

I was two years with Mara. The experience has been very useful and I am very grateful to take classes with her! Dedicated, with a lot of respect, patience and passion for music, she helped me a lot to overcome many technical difficulties of the instrument and to express myself better. Above all, it has been a great inspiration, giving me the elements to develop my musical personality.

Thumbs Up!

Mara is a wonderfully personal and dedicated teacher who will go outside of the box , to the moon and back , to infinity and beyond, to bring love and knowledge for music in a way that speaks to YOU. thumbs up!

My Shyness Faded!

I am an adult student so it was quite of a project to start learning at such life stage. I can definitely say Mara had the most profound impact on my musical trajectory. She is also the reason I actually started taking my music project seriously despite my lack of confidence. My shyness faded as my inspiration grew from her broad passion, deep knowledge and patience. I was looking for someone who could go deep into how to play an instrument properly without making it drudgery, and that is exactly what I found.

She made sure to ask what I was looking for, and where I wanted to take playing the violin. Each lesson that followed has been tailored to add another piece to that foundation. She goes through many aspects of the spectrum, not only bowing but also posture, tone, expression and historical context of the pieces. I feel confident that her excellent level of instruction places me in the development of legitimate frame of advanced playing. She really keeps me interested in playing and that is the master skill! Therefore, I can only enthusiastically recommend Mara to any levels of viola and violin players.

Fun Violin Lessons!

Mara is a great teacher: not only for the viola and the technical side of things, but for music in the general. She has a great ear for detail and a very wide spectrum of techniques, explanation and excercises to reach the musical approach you want. And most importantly she is very fun to work with and has a great sense of humour, so lessons will always be fun.

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