Why Music?

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Vivaldi Music Lessons presents private music teachers in The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Amersfoort, Zwolle, Maastricht area's. All Vivaldi teachers are experienced performers and have a professional degree in music.

Why we love teaching Music?

Our mission is to share what seems to be one of our strongest passions; the love for music. Most of us started to play an instrument as a child and.. it changed our lives and still is of major influence and importance! 

Why Music?

Music touches us all and even without speech we can communicate, say things through music. Making music is about sharing feelings, connection, developing technical and physical skills, growth and... discovering new ways of learning and expressing yourself...trough art and culture. Music is also beneficial for a person's health and even their mood. Studies have shown that people who listen to music are much more smarter, retain more information, and are in better moods for longer periods of time than those people who did not listen to any music at all throughout the day. Well...That's quite motivating!

This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before! Leonard Bernstein - composer/conductor


I believe music is one of the 'universal languages' that can be understood, felt, and otherwise enjoyed by all, regardless of culture, society or other kinds of differences"
Charlie Hare - writer/ inventor/composer


Private Music Teachers

Music moves and enriches the soul! Enjoy face to face music and singing lessons in a relaxed atmosphere. We offer also online music and singing lessons. Making music is about feelings, thoughts, connection, growth, joy, developing technical and physical skills, discovering new ways of learning and expressing yourself. Regular prices and maximum flexibility with a 10 Lesson Package. Book a trial lesson!

The best way to know your future is to create it - Dr. Joe Dispenza