Gitaarlessen in Utrecht - Klassiek tot Metal! Boek nu een proefles bij Michael Ibsen - Photo  by Elysse Gilbertson

Michael Ibsen Guitar Lessons in Utrecht

Enjoy playing Guitar!

Looking for a guitar teacher in Utrecht for your child or picking up guitar lessons after a break? Beginner and want to learn to play guitar from scratch or advanced and take your playing to the next level? Sign up for a taster lesson!

Learn a Solid Basis

Guitar teacher Michael Ibsen: I believe that each student should begin with a firm grounding in understanding the essential elements of guitar technique, as well as the building blocks of understanding guitar music (rhythm, melody and accompaniment, and reading tablature/notation).

Online Guitar Lessons

I also offer fun, comprehensive and well structured online courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Book a trial lesson.

Classical – Pop – Rock - Folk - Metal

Usually after learning the basics you can go several directions, towards classical guitar, fingerstyle/folk guitar, or pop/rock. The music will be based on what songs or styles you want to learn, with suggestions from the teacher. This should all be integrated as you will learn whatever music you want to play.

Your own Path

Most importantly each student will have a different path and style of communication and learning, and this is at the forefront of lesson planning throughout their studies.

Top Priority

My top priority in teaching is to help you experience the joy of learning an instrument, and to learn to love your own process of musical development as you gain the tools to express yourselves on the guitar. Of course, the end goal is to have fun while learning! curios? Book a try-out lesson


Generally for beginners, work will begin through methods and exercises to learn the basics, starting with simple melodies and chords. I’ll teach you to read notation as well as guitar tablature, to give you a well-rounded start.


As a student progresses, or for those who can already play guitar, lesson materials will be adjusted from student to student, and can cover a variety of styles and techniques.

Lessons at Your Home

I can teach at your homes in the Utrecht area.

About Michael Ibsen

In addition to being a successful performer, Michael Ibsen has extensive experience as a private instructor and ensemble coach. He has received his Masters of Music from UBC in Vancouver and he has studied with some of the world’s finest classical guitarists. He has been teaching private students and group lessons since 2012 and he loves helping others learn to play the guitar. While today Michael focuses all his energy on performing classical guitar music, his musical journey began in rock/metal as well as indie/folk genres.

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"This will be our reply to violence: to make more music intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before'' 

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